03 August, 2008


Earlier this year, I had the most fun volunteering at the ZAPfest. More Zinfandels than I could think of drinking and the opportunity to boss others around. I almost feel guilty taking a thank you gift. Almost. As a thank you, the wonderful people at ZAP, offered us hardworking volunteers special access to the Seghesio picnic. New Orleans Jazz, Barbecue from the Salt Lick all the way from Austin, TX. Talk about tender. Mouthwatering brisket with a special sauce that carefully blended secret spices and smoky flavor. Pork ribs that melted off the bone with their own sweet-savory-tart-tangy sauce and more Zinfandel than I could count all waiting to taste. Set in beautiful Healdsburg, the winery grounds are lovely and the day was on the point of being too hot, bit under the sprawling magnolias, we snacked and sipped. Many familar Zins---Manzanita Creek, Matrix, St. Francis, Sausal, Rosenblum, etc. Many winemakers were actually there pouring their wines including Carole Shelton, whose Wild Thing, Maple Zin and Mongo Zin I enjoyed. A standout surprise was a new discovery: Starlite Vineyards http://www.starlitevineyards.com/wine.html I tried a very complex, elegant wine with a ton of raspberry, floral, vanilla notes. A beautiful wine! Bocce ball (watching, not playing) and Flour Chylde's yummy biscuits. All in all the perfect day!

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