06 July, 2012

#WBW79 Announcing Wine Blogging Wednesday: Summer Reading, Summer Wine

Whether you remember the summer reading list as a chore or, like the BrixChicks, love that Summer Slowdown finally means a chance to read (okay, watch TV) for pleasure, we wanted to host this Wine Blogging Wednesday around an imaginative (okay, imaginary) topic:

What wine would your favorite fictional character drink?

So whether you think Anastasia would serve Christian Fifty Shades of vin gris or you think Proust was really thinking Remembrances of Pinots Past we want to hear which character and what wine and why.  

Here’s an example:
Scarlett looked down at the small chip that marred the last of the remaining wine goblets. “Damn Yankees!” And without the money from Rhett she would never be able to pay the taxes on Tara. Alcohol always helped, but Rhett liked the finer things and she was dead broke. What would she pair with the grilled pork chops  possum leg  turnips in the picnic basket? 

Louis Jadot to the rescue! Their Beaujolais Villages 2010 had an elegant refined flavor and texture.  He would never guess that this 100% Gamay beauty only set her back $10.95!  The pigeage accomplished in open fermentation casks resulted in clean flavors of fresh red fruit with peppery spice notes.  That clean refreshing acidity would buoy his spirits and convince him to help.  Oh, yes.  This lovely wine would make him give a damn!

So it’s kind of like “Fight Club”: there are no rules (Hey! I wonder what Chuck Paluhniak would drink?)
But here are the guidelines:
  • Think of a favorite character. Any genre, any timeline, any story.  We’ll even take whatever Axl Rose would slurp as he welcomed you to the jungle.
  • What wine would he/she/it drink? Tell us about the wine. Work it into the story.
  • Extra credit for those who write a scene with the wine
  • Your deadline is Wednesday, July 25th
Operators are standing by waiting to be dazzled by your prose, so please let us know:
  • Leave a comment here:      Brixchicks #wbw79
  • Facebook BrixChick Liza
  • Tweet @brixchick_Liza
  • Email WBW79 at brixchicks dot com
  • If you are thinking of dressing up as your character, We LOVE that! Instagram us: brixchick_Liza
  • Be sure to use the #WBW79 hashtag.
Summer reading, summer wine. A chance to take a character you love serve them wine and share the story! So pass it along! Can’t wait to read your entries!

BONUS:  There will be a prize for the best entry.  More on that later, but if you like wine and stories, you will love this prize. 

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04 July, 2012

Updates from Petite Abeille - Delish Pinot Noir

'09 Petite Abeille, Petite Abeille Vineyard Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, California USA ($35). This wine had a seductive color, clear garnet with coppery hints. It has that delicious, RRV Pinot perfumey cherry with spiced vanilla. Flavors to match with a nice acidity and a lovely cherry kissed lingering finish. We got to chat a little with Deb Mayo who grows the grapes and makes the wine. She uses four clones to grow the fruit that shapes her final product; Calera, Pommard, Swan 828 I found her fun and informative and will certainly be on the lookout for this wonderful wine.   If you are looking for wines from amazing female producers, or just looking for wonderful wines, this should go on your list, too