12 August, 2008

My Riesling Revelation (or "how to coat the tang")

I am sure that by now you have read Liza’s post in which she waxes rhapsodically about cheese (even the waxy kind.) I, too, was at the Solano Cellars wine/cheese class and all I have to say is that I had a revelation about Riesling. I actually liked it. I used to think Riesling was for little old German ladies and 18 year old college coeds wanting a sweet buzz. I think it still is but now I know that it is the ultimate wine to pair with any tangy, salty cheese. The fizzy, peachy, honeyed elixir performs alchemy on the palate transforming the salty tang of the cheese into creamy goodness. Riesling was even good with the gooey cheeses and the waxy ones. It was all good! Wow!!

So here is the “news you can use”: next time you find yourself needing a wine to go with cheese pick something with a good amount of residual sugar, like a Riesling, Zinfandel or Syrah. Simple but true…

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