06 January, 2009

Preview: WBW #53 - -- Wine for Breakfast

Wine Blogging Wednesday Challenge ---Wine with Breakfast!---I got in touch with my inner "Top Chef".
With an inspirational guest list, Thea, Lisa, Marshall and my party twin, Janesta. I took the shoes out of the oven, dusted off the unused appliances, strapped on an apron and cooked my little brains out.
Fun! Stay tuned for the release of my official WBW #53 Blog post, but I had to give you a preview.
One of my innovations involved using the 2007 Hahn Meritage, Red Table Wine, Central Coast . This wine is fruity, spicy yummy and insinuated itself into my cart while I was searching for a nice Petite Sirah. Since one of the menu items was French Toast, my thought was to apply one of the tenets of food and wine pairing and use the paired wine in preparation of the matched dish.
Lisa de Bruin described this as "Oral-gasm!" Ole!
Slowly reducing 2 cups of the Meritage with 9 tablespoons of superfine bar sugar over medium heat resulted in a syrup of divine portent. Silky smooth. Fruit forward with a dark, sumptuous intensity. Vivid, inky purple. It goes with many things and was oh-so-yum! with the French Toast, but I am finding other applications for it too. Pictured above are two mini scoops of vanilla ice cream and tangerine-mango sorbet, drizzled with the Hahn Meritage wine syrup and garnished with two fresh blackberries. The sun came through the clouds when I first tasted this!

Try it at home!

I can't wait to publish the full post from the Breakfast! Amuse bouche! Truffled Egg Custards! Savory Belgian Waffles! I am also looking forward to read what all of you are cooking up for your own WBW #53!


Anonymous said...

ooooh, my mouth is watering!! You galsl have inspired me!

Anonymous said...

The wine made us do it! ;) Hahn Meritage and SLH Pinot Gris, Twisted Oaks 2006, The (young) Spaniard, Savanah Chanelle RR Pinot Noir ANd Penfolds Grandfathers Tawny. Oops Now I am making me thirsy!