19 June, 2009

Around the World in Pinot Noirs in honor of Pinot Days 2009

In honor of Pinot Days the Brixchicks are going to review a Pinot Noir every day until the start of this famous festival in San Francisco on June 26th.

Pinot Noir #1: Waipara Springs 2007 "Premo" Reserve Pinot Noir -14% alcohol
"Exotic Aromas - Smooth Palate"

I just met this attractive winemaker from New Zealand. Frank Manifold, a 31 year old from the South Island, has a promising career ahead of him. This 2007 Reserve Pinot is one of those richer, lusher, dark ruby-hued Pinots. The nose had a lot of "interesting" aromas: kerosene, nutmeg, coffee liquer covering red fruits. It delivered high acidity yet the finish was smooth and focused. I liked the balance of the elements. This guy also makes a yummy off-dry Riesling, but I will save that review for another time...Wine Spectator loves this Pinot and gave it a whopping 93 points. Congrats, Frank! Can't wait to taste some more wines from this producer...Retails for $20 at K&L.
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