02 February, 2010

Trumpeter Malbec 2007

At last a ray of sunshine in the Bay Area, but still drizzly days and threats of rain.  After a day in the chilly air, I came home craving beef stew.  I have a great Lazy Girl recipe that involves no chopping and has two secret ingredients.  One is wine (not really secret) and the second is a cinnamon stick.  Which can make picking out the wine a little more challenging.  Luckily, in the somewhat distant past, I was sent a sample of '07 Trumpeter, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina. At only about $10 a bottle, I was hoping to find a good Tuesday night wine with the right charateristics to go well in, and with, the stew.  Yum!  The nose had aromas of dried cherries and stewed plums.  It was smooth but with just enough gentle tannins to stand up to the tomato based stew.  A bunch of fruit flavors whirled around: cherry, berry blast, Italian plums. Bonus! Slight hint of cinnamon and spice, and a yummy sort of agro-dulce, sweetness in the wine's fruit forward nature with a nice touch of sour, went great with the finished stew.  The color was dark, inky and opaque.  Kind of like the plot of "Lost".  Which coincidentally completes the perfect match!
Perfect Tuesday Night Wine: pleasing, easy to pair and excellent value!   

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