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31 March, 2010

Frances - Part 2 "Come for the Wine, stay for the food"

Yum!  Neighborhood gem that is also a finalist for a 2010 James Beard Foundation New Restaurant award along with the delightful an innovative wine by the ounce described by Xandria below?  You just have to go.  Fresh seasonal ingredients combined in delectable balance to form toothsome plates, small or large.  And a super fun place to go to enjoy with friends who don't mind sharing.  On several recent trips I had the opportunity to pretty much eat through the offerings and was dazzled by each and every bite.  Crispy golden doughnut bites studded with smoky bacon and dunked in chive spiked creme fraiche.  My three favorite salad ingredients: beets, avocado and cara caras, supermodel pretty and drizzled with a whisper of spiced dressing.  Riccotta gnocchi in a subtle sauce melting in your mouth with tender contrapuntos of shelled peas.  Calamari kissed with wood fire in an alchemical seasonal salad blend (currants, presernved lemon et al.).  Tempting pork trotters.  Bolero carrots in a perfumey dew of wildflower honey.  The list goes on and on.  And best of all it changes with the freshness of the market.  Supported by excellent, entertaining and knowledgeable staff that make you feel welcome.  Start with a market shot.  Literally, whatever temptingly fresh item leapt into the basket that morning, juiced into an essence of color and flavor.  Share plates small and/or large, because you will want to try one of everything.  And leave room for dessert.  Flavors are supported with an interesting wine list, but you will delight in the by the ounce option.  The blend may change, but delish rhones in vibrant combinations await you to while away some time in sunny Noe Valley.  Decor that is unfussy and elegant, serious yet comfy.  Melissa Perello is rocking it daily here.  Go early!
Frances is located at:
3870 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-3870
http://www.opentable.com/ for easy, breezy reservations!

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