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08 September, 2010

Fleming's Tasting Menu - a pictorial!

Everything was just perfect...

Liza and I got a great introduction to the menu at Fleming's in Palo Alto, CA. If you think the food looks good, I wish you could have tasted it. Paired with a lovely Sanford Chardonnay and Frog's Leap Merlot, we had a memorable meal, courtesy of the great team at Fleming's.

Roasted Portabella Mushroom Ravioli - 5/5 stars I call it "Umami Heaven."

Crab Louis Salad

Prime New York Strip Steak with peppercorns and porcini dust - one of the best steak dishes I have had in Northern CA.

Tilamook Sole

Roasted Carrots with golden raisins and almonds

Lava Cake! Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

Creme Brulee

Executive Chef Chris Bennett at Fleming's Palo Alto and managing partner Wayne Hanseth are standing by, ready to make your next occaison special

While some of these seasonal offerings are gone, it's definitlely worth it to become a "friend of Flemings:
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To keep up with the new treats for "Friends of Flemings" every month.

They have state of the art video teleconferencing and BrixChick Liza has used them to bring several states together for fun and informative and super green (No air travel!) meetings.  Flemings works with you to provide the right time zone offerings from cocktails in Miami to steak and Artemis in Palo Alto for memorable meetings that are a breeze to plan!

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