27 February, 2012

Straw - Carnival food in SF

Let me start with this: Deep fried candy.

For one of our monthly dinners, Luscious Lush Thea and I hit Straw SF.  I had driven by this Hayes Valley restaurant so many times and been enticed by the Tilt-a-whirl booth in the window and the fun vibe.  The menu was a lock when I discovered they had all kinds of winter should-be-forbidden comfort food and it seemed like the perfect atmosphere to catch up and shake off the winter/work/boy/insert-your-personal-challenge-here blues.  We had an awesome time!  The service was impeccable with our fun waiter answering our sometimes technical questions thoroughly while he still managed to make us,  as well as his other 10 tables, feel cared for.  The Mac and cheese was delicious, with creamy smoky cheesy goodness and a special ingredient: Bacon!  The Tots were elevated by the addition of blackberry BBQ sauce.  And we were encouraged to play with our food.  Notice the blackberry coulis/chipotle bbq sauce eyeliner, delicious cole slaw earring and the crisp house made potato chip fright wig above?  That was all that was left when the pulled pork sandwich arrived.  Yum!  We made sure to save room for the Oklahoma: a selection of fried candy bars.  Served hot from the fryer, we had the best time trying to bite and guess the variety (Milky way? Twix?) Our favorites were Rolos and Snickers.  Surprisingly delightful!  And the hit of the night was the Cotton Candy cocktail.  This innovative drink mixed infused Sabe vodka with a champagne that was brought separately  and poured tableside over cotton candy that filled martini glasses.  It immediately melted down into a Blue Hawaii blue sweet libation.  No picture?  It was too intriguing and vanished before we could photograph.  Just one more reason to return, which I am sure we will!
Straw is located at 203 Octavia Boulevard
Monday-Friday 11am-2pm  and 5-10pm
Saturday 10am-3pm and 5-10pm
Sunday 10am-3pm and 5-9pm

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