10 September, 2012

Bucket List visit to Dr. Loosen

I am likely atwitter with delight as today on my itinerary I get to visit a long admired producer and learn more about this ravishing delight in person. 
If you are in Sebastopol and have some extra time, go visit Micaela at the super fun Wine Emporium. Among the things she can pour is my favorite, the Dr. Loosen Riesling. Hailing from the Mosel region in Germany this smooth slightly sweet wine has aromas of white flowers and lychee. Flavors of citrus and lychee elderflower with white peach on the finish. Delish! When I was there, I was with BrixChick Michele and we were dreaming of spicy Asian food and postulating the many snacks this would pair well with when we realized we were late for our "Golden Girl" linner! Well,  it's amazing how flexible restaurants can be when your reservation is for 4:30!  We made it and had a marvelous time!  I highly recommend a visit here on your wine wanderings
125 N Main st
Sebastopol, Ca

Or if you are close to a Fleming's and in a more pugilistic mood, make time on September 28th to visit them between 5:00 and 7:30 to try a Riesling Smackdown in the "Glass Warfare" program, where they will let you make the call between my favorite, Dr. Loosen and a Gunderloch Spaetlese Riesling also from Germany

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