30 October, 2012

Better Late Than Never - #WBW79 Wrap Up

Whew!  What a summer it has been!  If you need a refresher on the assignment, here it is:
#wbw79 Summer Reading, Summer Wine  Here are the intrepid bloggers who answered the call!

Our most obscure reference comes from @talkavino, Anatoli Levine, Wine geek, foodie, blogger, dad, husband, technologist, aspiring student of taekwondo - in a different order every day, who riffs on what to pair with his favorite SciFi, Monday Starts on Saturday, which he read in the original Russian - super cool!

Gwendolyn Alley got literary, and enlisted her friend Henny Kim in an additional entry, for hers.  @ArtPredator shares my love of all things Harry Potter and introduces us to a a great Rhone blend from Eberle in Paso. Extra points for dressing up and pairing.  Henny picked a fun wine, Sofia sparkling wine (wins for prettiest bottle) and a great heroic character, Katniss Everdeen.  I know I would approach the snappy dressing sponsors to try to score Miss Everdeen some  bubbly.

http://drinkwhatyoulike.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/wine-blogging-wednesday-79-merlot-for-miles/  Frank from Drink What you Like turns "Sideways" from his beloved Virginia grape and takes on the character of Miles with some interesting information on "Sideways, the Play", which has been extended fro one last time!

Catie, The Walla Walla Wild Wine Woman pairs a fabulous Washington red with some, for those of you that have read the book (or seen the movie) especially gamy BBQ.  A great review and some wonderful writing!

Bob from 2001 Bottles pairs a wine with a kd Lang song.  Very cool!

We learned  Erica, Bon Vivant's  favorite character is Auntie Mame along with a very fabulous recipe and interesting pair!

So sorry for the lateness of the roundup.  It reminds us how fast summer passes when you are in an airport, on a concall, learning IT acronyms...

Here is my entry:
John William Waterhouse, 1911 
Tristan and Isolde.  A twisty tragic tale of bravery, foolishness, deceit, adultery, a soupcon of Grail legend, the tragic Cornish coast, Wagnerian opera and an all encompassing passion ignited by a potion disguised as wine.

What would this philtre taste like? I imagine it would taste like 2000 Stags Leap Cask 23  Watered with the tears of late spring rains then heated by a constant warming summer, the fruit was picked carefully, then fermented in steel and kept for 21 mos in French Oak.  99% Cab Sauv from the wonderful Stags Leap district spiked with 1% petit verdot.  The result is a rich dark elixir with aromas of caramel, cedar and magic.  Flavors of European moonlight, dark fruit and sin.  A lush and lingering finish, . It pairs as well with tragedy as contentment, though the winery suggests lamb. Any day you open it will be a special day.

The Jury of the Brix Chicks spoke and awarded the win to Henny Kim!  Henny, contact me and I will get you your prize!

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