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16 April, 2013

Break Open in Case of Emergency - Review of Moscato Allegro and Moscato Allegro Rose

 These fun wines showed up on Valentine's Day.  I was in an airport.  Somewhere.  So they sat  on the sample table, where luckily they sprang into action on two separate occasions.  First, during my Oscar party the 2011 Moscato Allegro was called into service when the Cava sangria vanished in a twinkle and the reds were not a good match for the citrusy and spicy Shrimp Ceviche.  With a hint of lemon in flavor and finish, nice acidity to stand up to the lime-marinated, mango studded shrimp and 6.3% residual sugar to tame the heat (I was a little heavy handed with the Cholula), people loved it. Crisis averted! This wine is made using great quality California Muscat Canelli grapes by Martin & Weyrich   They navigate the winemaking process to maintain a nice acidity which gives the wine balance and helps make it more food friendly.  It's sweet without being cloying and has a refreshing finish.   Nice mouthfeel too.

Next emergency was on Easter.  I had a snazzy Vinho Verde sangria planned, but  I knew the sangria would be gone long before the judging of Easter Bonnets (and serving of my edible entry).  Then , I saw the Allegro Moscato Rose on my sample table.  The lovely salmon pink caught my eye.  Checking the notes, I expected lemon, peach and floral characters.  Perfect!  My daisies were lemon, my tulips, vanilla and the roses were flavored with rose water,  It sounded like a good match.  With 6.5 % residual sugar, I crossed my fingers the pairing would not be too sweet.  It ended up tasting great with the cookies.  Another crisis averted -- and with the inappropriate footwear I had selected, I couldn't have handled one more thing that rainy Easter.  I have since stocked up a couple of more bottles.  I have heard that this is great with chocolate.  I did not test that theory, so more experimentation awaits me. 

If you are looking for something inexpensive but tasty that will fit a number of foods, temperatures and drinkers, try these.  You can find them here

I received these wines as samples
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