14 December, 2014

BrixChick Liza' Gift Guide: Soulful Napa: A Visit to Corison Winery

Good friends and good times require good wines.

You can't go wrong selecting Corison wines to gift, to visit or to order on the wine list if you see it.  When I visited to taste this fall I was blown away not  just by the wine, but by the feeling of family, quality and connection that emanates from Corison Winery.

2011 Corison Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley   ($80) Dark and pretty in the glass, the aromas had a welcoming puff of black fruit, roasted tomato, cedar and a hint of tea smoke. Well integrated flavors with a kiss of bramble and a long lively finish. It's a beautifully made wine; graceful and natural.  Cathy Corison says she lets the vineyard speak and you want to hear more. Even the label is timeless with the graphics inspired by those found on ancient wine containers.  

There was an article on the wall with headline "Subtle..." and I thought how perfect.  The wine was nuanced and well, subtle.  You could taste the care.  

I took the opportunity to gift some good friends with this wine at our annual get together at a wonderful Dogpatch spot, Piccino, (1001 Minnesota, SF) A wine like this marks an occasion not for the scores it gets it or the awards it garners or not, but rather for the elegant companionship and taste of quality and place.  

For Soulful Napa, it makes a great gift.  If you are not in Northern CA, Flemings also carries this. Carve the time out to spend with good friends and celebrate with a soulful wine of quality 

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