16 March, 2015

Discovery: Scheurebe a German delight

Recently on a wine excursion to the always fun Alameda Wine Co I found one of my favorite German discoveries:Scheuerbe. Not always the easiest to find, but well worth seeking out. Pale yellow in color, the perfume is lovely with alien flowers, exotic stone fruits and fresh river rocks in the aromas. The texture has a touch of creaminess and the smooth silken acid sweetness balance. Flavor of peaches, thyme and zingy citrus emerge.  Zippy acid driven finish of peach and a kiss of greeness. With the advent of summer salads this wine will be a great match. At $18.50 a great deal to delight the jaded palates of your acquaintance 

According to the Wines of Germany website, the grape developed in 1916 to be a namesake of Dr. Georg Scheur, gained some popularity in the 1950's when growers in Rheinhessen found it delivered BA and TBA ripeness levels. 

Today the grape presents 2% of plantings in Germany.  So you don't see it a lot, but when you do, grab it.  One of the many benefits of visiting really cool local wine bars are the surprises that you find.

check it out when you can:
Alameda Wine Company
  1. 2315 Central Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

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