17 November, 2008

Sofia Mini--- Pretty in Pink and pretty portable potable

"Champagne in a can! Are you out of your mind?" Well, in any event it's actually sparkling wine. And speaking of events, Sofia Minis are great when you need to take your celebration on the road. Not literally, although I do have a friend whose mom thought they were an energy drink and went driving around SoCal, can in hand till Victor stopped her. Among the many blessing she can count are the facts that men don't take pink cans seriously and most traffic cops are men. Unabashedly fun and fruity, well accessorized with a dainty color coordinated straw, Sofia is nevertheless quite a serviceable little toasting device. Made from pinot blanc grapes from Monterey county, a low acid grape meant to be drunk young. along with sauvignon blanc and a little muscat, it's sort of sweet but still very perky. Toasty and demi sec, it goes great with popcorn. The slight aluminum cast pairs well with whatever is in that weird yellow "butter". Not really, but that much salt can make lemons go with Napa Cab. You can as easily sneak Sofia Minis into a movie theater as an outdoor soaking tub. Much more easily than the ginormous full sized bottles Schramsberg suggests for that purpose.

Last Christmas, I put together a date night baskets each with two movie passes, two cans of Sofia Minis, two cute little bags to facilitate popcorn sharing and four Lindor white truffles. It's all about popular! Cosmo what? I snuck several cans into opening night of "Sex and the City- the Movie" My college BFF's and I were the envy of three rows. I also threw several cans in my handbag when I took a friend for some spa treatments the day she found out her grandma died. "To everything there is a season" etc., etc. Which also, forms the foundation of my love of the alternative packaging.

Fancy wines in fancy restaurants. Quirky treasures with kindred spirits. Interesting flights in snark infested waters. Love them all. But sometimes it's nice to toss a dependable and independent gal pal into your bag. As for the debate about it tasting better from a glass. Duh! If you have access to decent stemware, why not drink the full sized anything else ---including Sofia? Light tippling at home alone or cheek by cheek with beer drinkers? It would nice to have a convenient single serving, wouldn't it? I will patiently wait for the potential of tetrapak or the promise of FOUR. YUUUUMMMM! But, I digress....

Like things that are hard to pronounce and/or frilly, love of Sofia may never come to you boys, but an adventure awaits if you try it!

HINT: The easiest way to locate this is to go to http://www.bevmo.com/ and select local pickup when you order Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blanc (4-PK 187 ML). That way someone else can scrounge around the store until they find where they have misplaced it. So then all you need to do is swing in , grab some cans, pop the tab...a moveable feast.

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