16 November, 2015

#Franciacorta - Let the festivities begin

Franciacorta is a Denominazione di Origine Controllate e Garantita (DOCG) in Italy's Lombardy region.  Famous for delicious sparkling wine, the grapes used are primarily Chardonnay and Pinot nero, which we know better as Pinot Noir.  Some examples will also include pinot bianco  or Pinot Blanc
Franciacorta produces sparkling wine using the traditional method, which is similar to the one used in Champagne, France. The result is sparkling wine with a taste of place as well as a stylish flair.  Enotourism is a focus here.  To make your region a tourist destination, you need gorgeous landscapes, great wine and friendly people.  Franciacorta scores the trifecta here.  With the Alps in the background and delightful producers in the foreground, Franciacorta is definitely on my travel bucket list.  However, closer and easier armchair travel is almost as enjoyable with these complex and yummy wines in my ice bucket. 

As the holiday season starts in earnest, be prepared with some Franciacorta on hand.  Sparkling wine is always the best way to start a meal, fancy or homey.  What hostess wouldn't be delighted by a gift of versatile wine?  My tip is to bring it chilled already as the ultimate incentive to get your hosts to serve it right away.  I can never wait

Check out this video of dancing bubbles:Franciacorta Barone Pizzini perlage

November 16th at 4 pm Pacific, @BrixChick_Liza (me) will be participating in a Twitter tasting.   Join us on Twitter to read the notes at #Franciacorta

1) Franciacorta Brut, Barone Pizzini Animante (SRP $35)
2) Franciacorta Brut, Le Marchesine (SRP $27)
3) Franciacorta Rose, Contadi Castaldi (SRP $25)
4) Franciacorta Rose Vintage,  Villa Franciacorta Boke ($25)

These wine were provided as samples, but the unbridled enthusiasm is all mine