07 June, 2011

Taste of Mendocino Tix! Buy Here and Now

Finally!  Mendocino comes to me.  So if you search the blog for "Mendocino", you will see several fun entries from Miss Xandria and pretty much none from me, though when I get my mitts on the fruits of the Mendocino labor, I usually love them. 

Cool climate Pinots galore!  Interesting snacks! Throw in the opportunity to meet the artisans at Shamrock Cheese and maybe see a tractor (!) and I am in.  The weather being unpredictable, what better fun on a Monday evening? While I will miss the windswept vistas, I am happy to skip the drive and just whip over to Fort Mason's Festival pavilion after work and find a new favorite wine. 

For more about the event, click here: Skip the long drive and make plans to meet, greet and sample many Mendocino delights right at Fort Mason.

Alice 97.3, and my perennial co-pilots, the folks at KGO, are making the event even more affordable by offering nice discounts if you enter "ALICE" or "KGO" as a promo code when you buy your tickets.

Tortilla the goat says, "What are you waiting for?"