18 February, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday #54 - Passion for Piedmonte

Rain. Working past midnight. Mini migraine. And now my wine homework is based on Old World wine when all I wanted was a familiar, easy drinking friend? Ick. Warned that Italian wines can be a little on the food slutty side, I was armed with a delightful pasta con polpete, house made fettuccine slathered in a piquant sauce and studded with tasty meatballs. So the evening wouldn't be a total loss. Having swung by the Wine Mine, where they assured me this would be tasty, I brightened. The selection they picked for me in answer to the question, "Okay, so what is your favorite wine from Piedmonte? I mean, that's in stock right now." The bottle they picked for me was a 2005 Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo delle Langhe. I popped the cork and immediately a lovely wine smell emanated from the bottle. In the glass, the wine was bright garnet. I Vinturi'd, swirled and was greeted by red fruit and baking spice. Sipping, I got red berry flavors and anise. The pleasant tannins were grippy as baby starfish. Tasty on its own, it went beautifully with the pasta dish. Then I thought, assertive fruit, soft tannins? Cheese! I happen to have a gorgeous Vermont white cheddar. A few slices of that salty delight paired with the wine, softening and lifting the finish. Wow! I love this wine! At $17.99 I thought it was extremely reasonable for something so tasty that started its path into my arms in the unforgiving Euro. One of the purported origins of the word Nebbiolo is thought to mean "fog" as in coming from the fog, so named for the Langhe region's weather. Fog-o-menal, I say. Delicious wine I will seek out in the future. All in all, a good Wine Blogging Wednesday like going to a party I thought I was too tired to enjoy where the guest of honor's charisma makes me glad I made the effort.

If this makes you curious to learn more about the Italian region of Piedmonte, please check on the Wine Blogging Wednesday host's blog here. Thanks David Mc Duff for introducing me to a new friend!

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David McDuff said...

You're welcome, Liza. Glad you enjoyed the night after all. You hooked up with a goodie. Produttori makes reliably good wines that happen to be among the best bargains in Piedmont. Their regular Barbaresco can be found for as little as $25 in some markets and rarely exceeds $35, even in the priciest shops.