19 June, 2009

Around the World in Pinot Noirs in honor of Pinot Days 2009

In honor of Pinot Days the Brixchicks are going to review a Pinot Noir every day until the start of this famous festival in San Francisco on June 26th.

Pinot Noir #1: Waipara Springs 2007 "Premo" Reserve Pinot Noir -14% alcohol
"Exotic Aromas - Smooth Palate"

I just met this attractive winemaker from New Zealand. Frank Manifold, a 31 year old from the South Island, has a promising career ahead of him. This 2007 Reserve Pinot is one of those richer, lusher, dark ruby-hued Pinots. The nose had a lot of "interesting" aromas: kerosene, nutmeg, coffee liquer covering red fruits. It delivered high acidity yet the finish was smooth and focused. I liked the balance of the elements. This guy also makes a yummy off-dry Riesling, but I will save that review for another time...Wine Spectator loves this Pinot and gave it a whopping 93 points. Congrats, Frank! Can't wait to taste some more wines from this producer...Retails for $20 at K&L.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore NZ pinot noir, witness all the posts I've done on them! Glad to hear that last years NZ tasting at the WBC didn't put you off! And, you're right, their whites are yummy, esp. if you veer away from the bucketloads of SB they're trying to pawn off on us this year and go for the more intersting white varietals - Ta!