17 July, 2009

Dollarhide Vineyard at St. Supery, Blogger's Forum, July 18th, 2009

People are always asking us what we do as winebloggers, besides drinking wine. Well, we go to excellent events. This Saturday, July 18th the Brixchicks and a host of Northern California wine bloggers will be exploring the diverse terrain and terroir at Dollarhide Vineyard which is part of St. Supery Winery and Vineyards. The generous folks at St. Supery, including vineyard manager Josh Anstey, will be giving us a tour of this 1500 acre property that includes 7 lakes. Not only do they have 500 acres of Bordeaux varietals planted but there is a variety of plant and wild life, they make honey, and grow various fruit trees (including peaches of which Liza will be devouring). We will be donning our hiking shoes, and have our cameras ready to capture the amazing scenery, food and wine a people, so stay tuned!

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