11 October, 2011

Close Encounters of the "Crush" kind - First Crush Winemaking Experience in Paso Robles!

Yes, it is autumn and harvest is upon us. That means there will soon be a lot of picking and crushing going on and the Brixchicks are going to be part of the action thanks to First Crush Winemaking of Paso Robles, CA. (and thanks to Brix Chick Liza who could not make the festivities.)

First Crush Winemaking Experience is a company that specializes in educational wine encounters in which consumers can learn about the wine-making process from harvesting, crushing and destemming grapes to bottling the wine. And drinking it of course. Each encounter includes a lecture by a viticulturalist or winemaker, and a specialty themed lunch (Hawaiin, BBQ or Mexican.)

I cannot wait to learn about the "terroir" and the growing conditions of Paso Robles and the unique wines they produce. And yes, this will be my first time to actually stomp some grapes. Hmmmmmmm....

If you are an aspiring wine-maker or just a curious wino please go here for more info: www.firstcrushwinemaking.com

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KenKen said...

Thank you. Very iteresting :)