26 February, 2012

Oscar Night and The Crusher Rose of Pinot

What do you serve with good friends, great fashion and a fun annual event?  Don Sebastiani and Sons The Crusher Rose of Pinot of course.  This is a wine with beauty and taste enough to to walk any red carpet.  As soon as I poured it, there were Oohs and Ahhs for the lovely rose petal pink color.  Then when they got their glasses, more exclamations of delight for the yummy aromas.  Stone fruit.  Jolly Rancher Cherry Stick,.  Watermelon juice.  And a river fresh mineral splash.  Of course when the sipping started, the yummy noises stopped because we were too intent on enjoying the lovely fresh balance of the wine.  With peaches, thyme,and red fruit and a lovely acidity, along with a nice lemon twist finish, it was a great match for all the bites being passes around.  But I had received this on Valentine's Day with a box of chocolates too delicious for this world from Le Belge.  So I put it to the test with my Movie Candy cupcakes.  Yum!  The wine stood up to the sweetness as beautifully as it did the savory.  So whoever takes home the Oscar, we have a winner in the house.  At only $18 I know what I will be sipping on my parch this Spring!
I received this wine as a sample

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