28 February, 2012

Sideways - The Stage Play and more with Rex Pickett

So much fun at Saturday's 10th Annual Pinot Summit, put on by Affairs of the Vine.  Blind tasting 40 Pinots, a sparkling wine reception and then a Grand tasting?  We tried a lot of fun things and expanded our reach by dividing and conquering.  But luckily, I talked BrixChick Heidi into coming to the same seminar where we were entertained by "Sideways" author, Rex Pickett  as well as the Pinot stylings of Leucadia and Kenneth Volk.  Pinot, literature and hollywood dish?  We were in heaven.  
I have only ever seen the movie, which has one of my all time favorite scenes, which I quoted here    Speaking with Rex, I discovered that scene evolved out of the film making process and as a result of a note from Alexander Payne.  Now, I love Mr. Payne's work, but am a little cranky with him, since he is the cork holding back our enjoyment of a Sideways sequel.  So you could say he is cork blocking our movie enjoyment of more fun with Miles and Jack.  Well, you could say something else, but I will say "cork" blocking.  Facebook write-in campaign! Free Miles and Jack!  Try Merlot! Merlot?  Yes.  Rex is also coming out with a wine, of all things a Merlot aptly named "Apostate".  Heretical as that may be, since he partnered with the wonderful folks at Sunstone,  I am sure it will be tasty!

 Rex shared many anecdotes about his life and how his work draws on dark places in his journey to bring us his wonderful stories.  All we could say was , "More please!"  Luckily, he will be at WBC12, where I plan to get a copy of Vertical autographed.  And  "Sideways" the stage play will be opening up end of April driving distance at the Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica.  I feel a BrixChicks road trip coming on!  See you there!

PS: Heidi and I still manged to get a taste of some wonderful Oregon Pinot that had been poured at a different workshop:

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