24 May, 2012

#WBW77 After a Bad Day at Work: Quivira North Coast Rose

Coincidentally, I had two bad days at work just in time for this Wine Blogging Wednesday. As I told the other Brix Chicks over the weekend, after a bad day at work, I often want something pink with a screwcap for quick access, and chilled to cool me off (or down).  Rosé is also easy to pair with most foods, making it an easy choice.  So, I was ready for Monday.  I had a Spanish Rosato chilling for the occasion, only to open it and find it not suitable at all—too abrasive and acidic like much of bad day at work #1.  (And as if a bad day at work and a disappointing bottle of wine weren’t awful enough, I discovered later that the Daily Show isn’t on at 11:00 PM these days—boo!)

Not to be disappointed, Tuesday brought bad day at work #2.  In an unusual move, I first hit the gym rather than the couch and remote control after leaving work.  And when I came home from a pretty rigorous workout, I decided not to mess around with my wine choice.  I grabbed the Rosé out of the box I brought home from Quivira this last weekend and threw it the freezer.  (Well I didn’t throw it—that would have been too melodramatic and disastrous even for me after a bad day at work).  I know their wines well, and I knew I would not be disappointed.  Plus:

Screwcap, check!
Pink, check!
Chilled, check!

The 2011 Quivira North Coast Rosé (Mourvedre, Carignane, Counoise, Grenache, Syrah) is bright, herbal, fresh, and lush, and maybe the best vintage I’ve tasted of this wine.  When I tried it at the winery several weeks back, the nose was filled with fresh mint; but this time I noticed more strawberry and basil than mint.  Along with fresh strawberry, green herbs, and minerality, there’s a little brown spice in the mid palate and a soft finish.  It went beautifully with the salad and leftover chicken I had for dinner last night and the straightforward salty and fatty chicken sandwich I had tonight.  And with an easy drinking 13% alcohol, it’s a pretty darn good post-workout recovery drink too.

More than anything, the wine brought familiar and new comfort after a long and frustrating day.  One of my dearest friends introduced me to Quivira over 20 years ago.  Since then, I’ve shared Quivira’s beautiful zinfandels, Rhone-varietals, and sauvignon blancs with many friends.  (I’m a member there, too).  Last weekend, Brix Chicks Michele, Xandria, Liza, and I joined Quivira’s farm-to-table dinner to learn about the biodynamic farm, take in the sunny Dry Creek Valley, and feast on exceptionally prepared food from Quivira’s gardens paired with their wines. 

Brix Chicks Michele, Xandria, and Liza at Quivira
Wine that evokes sunshine, conversation, friendship is a great salve for a bad day at work.  It’s even better if it has a screwcap.


Carin Oliver said...

I love a screw top wine after a frustrating day. I can totally relate!

SimplySandi said...

I love Rose wines in the summer. I am always looking for new roses to try