20 October, 2012

2011 Arca Nova Loureiro Vinho Verde

In this season before winter really hits we have some porch wine days and I recently received a sample of a yummy Loureiro Vinho Verde perfect for today. Translated Loureiro means "laurel" and that sensibility translates back into the wine. A slight hint of the palest green underpins the clear pale citrine. The aromas as well can best be described as green--- not unripe, but green. Floral, green fruit like apples kiwi and an undiscovered citrus. The mouthfeel is slightly spritzy. The flavors are fresh and grapefruity. Yummy easy drinking and a great refreshing offering for all seasons. Look for it at www.snooth.com
I received this wine as a sample

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Matt mmWine Horbund said...

I have not been wowed by any of the vinho verde wine I've tried recently. I'll have to keep looking!