10 March, 2013

The Excitement of IWINETC - 1ST Day in Zagreb

I am finally here in Zagreb Croatia with co-presenter @luscious_lushes Thea.  After tons of preparation on the wines of Baja, MX, and a lot of scurrying to get here, I landed yesterday to a bold and exotic locale.  Zagreb is a bustling, misty city, I can't wait to explore.  All the signs and conversations are a confusing dance of letters to which  I am blind, deaf and dumb well except for the giant Microsoft logo.  Luckily the people are wonderful and and welcoming and our stay has been nothing but a delightful swoosh of hospitality.  Having travelled a bit in Western Europe and being functional in a couple of languages, Croatia presents as an adventure of the unfamiliar. 

Unfamiliar is fun when it tastes as good as wines of Croatia.  We hit the bar last night and our movie star handsome waiter kept suggesting tasty wines ---back to that dance of unfamiliar letters, we didn't write anything down but had golden, crisp and darkly sumptuous whites and reds.  More (much more I hope) later.  But for now just an note to suggest you check out the IWINETC and follow along on Twitter @winepleasures, @iwinetc and @enoturismo and also with the indefatigable @anthonycswift.

See you later!

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