15 May, 2014

Santa Lucia Highlands Gala - Where you want to be this Saturday (5/17/2014)

 The first time I tasted a wine from the Santa Lucia Highlands was at the wonderful restaurant Coi in San Francisco.  Fragrant, redolent with fruit without stamping its passport for fruit bomb territory, that wine made me want to try more.  Which led me to the wonderful Hahn wines and then on to Mer Soleil, which is my go to gift wine, since everyone I have served it to has loved it.  Golden, refreshing, special.  Mer Soleil Silver in the ceramic container has been with me on cruises, in hot tubs and dazzled my friends while quelling my enemies.  Hey.  Keep them close and serve them good wine, I always say!
View from Hahn

This Saturday, I get to go on site to learn more about the wines, meet 30 producers and revel in the lovely area that is Santa Lucia Highlands.
Bloggers making it work!

You can too as tickets are still available here Although, sadly the pre-event special tastings are fully subscribed.

As so many delicious locales in California, warm soils are situated to take advantage of cooling maritime influences.  This effect distinguishes this area and enables the production of lovely Pinot Noirs and  Chardonnays.  But different than many areas, the Santa Lucia Highlands has a lot to still develop.  It's a great place to add to your list as must see, so you can watch wonderful producers enhance your experiences and ply you with more divine wine.

Talbotts. Morgan, Mer Soleil Hahn are brands that to me connote deliciousness.  I look forward to trying their wines as well as discovering new favorites.  See you there!

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