09 July, 2014

Lake Chelan - Must See Destination this summer

The best way to start out a wine destination adventure has got to be by air.  When I embarked upon the preconference for 2013 WBC I left from Seattle, got on an un-air conditioned bus and made the trek to Lake Chelan.  It was so worth it to explore this interesting and tasty AVA.  Only since 2009 has this wine play ground been designated  an AVA, but what an awesome spot it is.  With conditions perfect for wine, many wineries are now popping up.  It is a wonderful destination for your vacation as well.

First, we got to boldly go in a pontoon boat, where I had never been before.  The aerial perspective was amazing to see the neatly cultivated fields. When we landed, tasting them was even better.  Our first spot, as we touched down like geese on a bender, was Rio Vista.  Lucky for them, they sell most of what they produce to their wine club members, who get to enjoy visits to this peaceful spot and enjoy the many wines they produce.  From there, we were whisked off to a quick change, which was lamentably not enough time to enjoy Campbell's Resort., This wonderful place made me feel like I was in a movie.  Midway between "Dirty Dancing" and "Butterfield 8" , every amenity was available and the place looked action packed  I expected to see Elizabeth Taylor rounding the corner in search of lost weekend ice.  A kitchen, intriguing furnishings and such a calming view await you there.

Dinner and an amazing view awaited us at Tsillan Cellars restaurant, Sorrento's.  You can see why people come for destination weddings.  Spelled as the First Nation's people would spell it, The restaurant focuses on Italian food.  It was as yummy as the view was gorgeous.  The staff told us on certain nights in the winter you can see the Northern Lights.  We were treated to an amazing sunset and a wonderful dinner.  As gorgeous as the view and as comfortable as the venue looked, it wasn't the place that jumped out as Best Spot for  Wedding.  That had to go to Karma Cellars.

Not only was the spot very conducive and the staff very informative, but Karma produces some very tasty sparkling wines inspired by true methode champenoise as well as guided by experience, Julie Pittsinger leads the team that learned and invested in the perfect growing region,  The big plus for brides to be was not only the venue, the wines and the help from the team, but an great opportunity to buy a case of your wedding wine and open it slowly year by year.  Sounded awesome and the wine was delicious.  More Here but take my word, you have to visit an try to truly appreciate.

Of course my favorite was Hard Row to Hoe.  The story is as entertaining as the owners.  They
did a wonderful wine pairing, which I stole for a BrixChicks dinner.  The Hard row to Hoe Burning Desire Cabernet Franc is such a food friendly wine and paired with beef and horseradish.  a crowd pleaser.  Current realeases have transitioned into Petit Verdot.  Need to try that! The team make your visit fun and many of the double entendres and innuendo only add  spice to  your visit.  Be prepared for fun.

They also make a very tasty Ice Cider or apple wine that is sweet but complex and a great cheese wine---you can never have enough of those!

All in all a wonderful place to visit.  There are many activities for non wine drinkers centered around the lovely lake.  If you are planning a destination wedding, its a pretty easy trek in clement weather, so brides and bridezillas alike take note.

So much more to see, taste and explore.  Lake Chelan makes it easy to plan with information here

With only none weekends to go till Summer ends, cash in those Frequent Flyer miles, pack up the car and relax, explore and discover all the fun that awaits by the Lake.

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