01 December, 2016

Green Valley Wines

What a fitting start to Advent:  heavenly wines from the Green Valley appellation. Snuggled near the Russian River Valley, Green Valley has a special taste of place.  These three innovative wineries showcased exmples of how they bring delicious wines to market the best way possible: tasting!

Here are three great examples 
1) 2013 Chenoweth Vineyards Pinot Noir Sedition Wines - Interesting spicy wine made from Pommard clone and worth every dollar of the $75 price. Josh cut his teeth at our fave, Kokomo and now works delish Pinot stylings at Sedition Join the rebellion !
2) 2013 Magnum Porcum Pinot Noir, Cam Low Cellars ($45) a sassy fun wine whose label seduced me to use the wine in my meat glaze Think delicious; think @CamLowCellars 
3) 2012 Calypso Vineyard, Syrah Scherrer Vineyards ($45)  -Love Fred Scherrer's philosophy in life and winemaking ( Syrah is the answer to the questions not resolved by Pinot) Smooth blackberry herb kissed wine
Bottom line: look to Green Valley for your holiday picks.
Many thanks to Robert Larsen and the Green Valley team for sharing the amazing samples with me

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