22 April, 2017

Riggers Loft: East Bay Tasting Room with Historic Bay View

Riggers Loft at Point Potrero in Richmond, CA, may have the most beautiful view of any tasting room anywhere—180-degree view of San Francisco Bay that takes in the Berkeley Hills, the Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and Angel Island.

Housed in the historic Kaiser Shipyard Number Three, next to the Red Oak Victory Ship and a whirley crane, Riggers Loft sits at the end of a long, scenic, and worthwhile drive out to the end of Canal Road near Pt. Richmond, past the also-wonderful East Brother Beer Company Tap Room, winding around cranes, tanks, warehouses, and a parking lot full of cars just unloaded off ships next to the tasting room.  Visitors to Riggers Loft can also take in Rosie the Riveter (technically Wendy the Welder) history, a sighting of an osprey nest on top of the whirley crane, and views of ships and tugboats.

Riggers Loft is a collective of three wineries—R & B Cellars, Carica Wines, and Irish Monkey Winery—and Far West Cider Company that produce at Riggers Loft.  Recently, Barrel & Ink Wine Company also joined the collective tasting room and will soon be producing wine at the Riggers Loft site, as well.  R & B Cellars owners and winemakers Kevin and Barbara started making wine in the space in late 2015, and the tasting room opened in March 2016.  In the coming weeks, Riggers Loft will open patio seating on the Bay.

And the wine!  With four wineries, the list is extensive and diverse, including several tasting flights, and in two visits, I’ve only skimmed the surface of the offerings.  The winemaking styles extend from big and bold to lean and restrained.  As a lover of Rhone-varietals, I enjoyed especially the large selection of Rhone-varietals and blends.  My favorites were the R & B Cellars NV “The Improviser” (a blend of Viognier, Vermentino, Rousanne, Marsanne, and Picpoul Blanc), the Barrel and Ink ‘13 “Master of Mountains” Chardonnay made by Steve Matthiasson, and the Barrel and Ink ‘14 “Jet Set Jungle” (a blend of Syrah, Mouvedre, Valdiguie, Dolcetto, and Viognier made by Pax Mahle).  I also enjoyed the R & B Cellars ‘13 “Sarabande” Chardonnay, the Carica ‘12 “Siren” (a blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Mouvedre), and the Irish Monkey ‘13 Barbera.

With offerings to please almost any palate, a historical setting, and unforgettably gorgeous views, a visit to Riggers Loft is essential for supporters of East Bay winemaking and oenophiles from all around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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