17 September, 2008

WBW #49 - What will I drink to toast out George W?

I love this topic! But how to narrow down my selection for toasting. Well, if it's a happy toast and I fervently hope it will be, nothing will do like a nice sparkler---of which there is no shortage at Chez Liza. Now, to be fair, I will pull out the Dommy P if in fact my man Obama knocks out Caribou Barbie, but to lift such an anticipatory toast seems overconfident. Rifling through the back of the fridge where the champers hides out, I pawed through several Shramsbergs, however given the whole Nixon-China-Calistoga connection, Shramsberg drinks too much like an RNC libation, so I skipped that. The "Il" a lovely blush Prosecco from the Veneto goes too far the other way being way too much of a blue state treat (and with it';s $9.99 price tag, there is some pricier beer)Whew! Who knew this selection would be so tough? Finally I found it, in the crisper. A Perrier Jouet non vintage Grand Brut of indeterminate provenance. It's shrouded in mystery, like the current administrations---so many unanswered questions, so many bottled up regrets. In fact, I can't even remember which of my ex boyfriends this wine came from, because I really don't remember buying it. With so much uncertainty---will it be corked? where did it come from? will it be bitter? Sweet? bittersweet? I grabbed the bottle by its delicate French neck and hauled it over to Luscious Lush Thea's house for our WBW exercise. Like a true pro, Thea twisted wrenched and popped the cork with barely a hiss of mist. Gingerly I sipped. Wow! This stuff is good. Complex with a palette full of flavors, toasty, fruity, crisp and well integrated, I observed the bubbles and drank deeply. Big bubbles, big trouble I quote my champagne source. It's been in my refrigerator too long, like our current administration. There's no shortage of bitterness, when I pull it out, however it drank sweetly like the promise of a yellow diamond future.

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