23 February, 2009

May the "Fuerza" be with you- Fuerza Tempranillo 2006, Mendoza Argentina

I just found a delicious Tempranillo from Mendoza. Argentina that is, not Spain. Old world style Tempranillo from the New world but with a twist. This Fuerza 2006 Tempranillo is like the Luke Skywalker of Argentinian Tempranillos; young and bright and ripe, yet beginning to smooth out around the edges as it ages. Let this darkly-hued Tempranillo lead you out of the dark side and into the realm of deliciousness. Cassis, blackberry, and anise on the nose with gripping tannins that smooth out as they roll down your throat. Fruit-forward with high acidity, this wine stands up to Chorizo or any spicy grilled meats. They never had it so good on Planet Tatooine! And for $3.99 what more could you want? But you better find yourself a Corellian Corvette (and a Wookiee co-pilot) to get you to Trader Joe's before it is all gone...Signed, A Star Wars Geek:-)
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