02 March, 2009

Introducing BrixChick Janesta: Review of Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc

Hello! I am the newest official member of the BrixChicks. Having enjoyed many adventures with Liza and Xandria, I was thrilled to be tapped to start blogging. My first love is white wine. Well, to be truthful, I really love an icy vodka martini, but I also have a strong preference to white wines. I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about wines beyond my current favorites. But to start, Liza and I work on a fund raising committee for a school in West Oakland, St. Martin de Porres. We are fabulously lucky to embody the "work hard-play hard" motto, and our meetings are made even more fun by always having great wines and delicious food to make our Monday evening tasks lighter. If you are not already busy on March 17th, think hard about attending our fundraiser, "St. Patrick's on Broadway" and if you can't there are many, many wines---white or red---rare and special that you can bid on. Go to town. It's for the kids! But I got sidetracked didn't I? Anyway, I first tried the '07 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc at my fund raising meeting. The color was pale yellow. When I smelled it, I noticed the delicious scents of tropical fruits, young coconut and pineapple as well as something that smelled like peaches, It was also sort of spicy. When I tasted it, it had a silky consistency. The flavor was out of this world! Layers of complexity that managed to be savory, tropical and delicious. A little sweet it went great with the cheese and light snack our hostess had provided and inspired me to work a little harder on the event. I looked at the price $26.99, a generous treat from our hostess. Thanks Francine! This is BrixChick Janesta, signing out for now.....
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