02 April, 2009

Barefoot Wines at Bookclub - A review of Barefoot Wines Bubbly Cuvee, Pinot Grigio and Zinfandel

Barefoot Wine. BDSM. British History. Spring is in the air and our Wine Club...ooops! I mean Book club, was in force and feeling frisky as we discussed perennial favorite Jane Austen's PERSUASION in comparison to the shiveringly raw and emotional NINE AND 1/2 WEEKS, a true story by Elizabeth McNeill. Since Barefoot Wines had been kind enough to send the BrixChicks a sample box of three wines, I thought what a great way to try three bottles of wine without getting too snockered. I was happy I did.

While BrixChick Janesta, hostess for the afternoon finished up food prep, we puppy piled in her kitchen and sipped the Barefoot Pinot Grigio. I smelled delicious Bartlett pears and was liking the clear pale straw color. Drinking it I found a little bit of a sour finish and wished I had saved it to pair with the salad. However, while Red-wine-Loving Cris agreed with me, White-Wine-Focused Ann found it tasty and refreshing. Interesting perspective. We kicked off our snacks and discussion sesh with a Bubbly Brut Cuvee toast. I had sourced some fresh picked Watsonville strawberries to dunk in each flute. The green apple and toasty aromas wafted over and above the fragrant berry. It was also delicious with the bacon wrapped prawn.

To accompany a spirited discussion about love, choices, power, society, writing, character and personal experience, we cracked open the Barefoot Zinfandel. With a vanilla-chocolate aroma that had spice enough to stand up to Janesta's fabulous Tuscan Casserole, we fueled our discussion with a serviceable Zin. A softer Zin than Francine liked, it went well with the food and was not too aggressive for the palates that prefer white wine.

Slightly tipsy, we leapt from sexual mores of Regency England to straight- up BDSM and managed, as always, to have great time. Many thanks to Barefoot for the samples as well as Alexis, Ann, Cris, Francine and hostess with the mostess, BrixChick Janesta. Next month: ENDERS GAME. I'll need to go forward in time to find some futures to pair! ;)

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