03 April, 2009

Twickets! - You have to Play!!!!

Wine 2.0 was super fun! More on that later. But I got a chance to connect with one of my favorite people, Barbara Drady, who brings the term "Passion for Pinot" to a different stratosphere. She is running a game called "Twickets"

More here:
Play The New Twitter Game Twickets & Win A Free Ticket to the Pinot Noir Summit.
Tweet the Magic Word and Win a FREE ticket to the Pinot Noir Summit
Wine Evangelist is launching a new game on Twitter. It’s easy and fun. This new game is called TWICKETS — and it could be your ticket to a FREE ticket to the Pinot Noir Summit on April 5th in San Rafael, California.
All you have to do is play Twickets - the right tweet & you might WIN.
Here are the rules:
Peeps send tweets to @wineevangelist discussing whatever is on their minds. Be casual. Be conversational. Just tweet it!
IF the tweet contains one of the MAGIC WORDS on the Wine Evangelist’s list, you WIN a FREE TICKET to the Passionate About Pinot Noir Event, which will be held in sunny San Rafael, CA

Two hints: 1)The "Magic Word" is not always wine related...2)HURRY! Pinot Summit is April 5th so tweet like a drunken parakeet and show your passion for pinot!

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