12 August, 2009

WBW#60- I too have Zinned!

It was Wednesday and the Brix Chicks had some serious tasting to do. Blessed with six bottles of Zinfandel from the Lodi appellation the deal was sealed that we were in store for a whole lot of fun... a Brix chicks kind of evening! Thanks to Megan's great idea to pair Zin with Barbecue we had a chance to taste the wine with and sans food. My favorite of the evening was the 2006 Gluttony Old Vine Zinfandel. It rocked, both on its own and as a great "date" for the spicy brisket. The topnote of this American Oak aged wine was butterscotchy with a smooth feel. It was not jammy or fruity but instead had qualities of a sophisticated Tawny Port. I closed my eyes and fantasized about my favorite Scottish gent, Sean Connery. The connection between the iconic special agent and this deliciously well balanced wine was divine!

As well as being a great choice for an immensely enjoyable glass of wine by itself, the Gluttony Zinfandel paired beautifully with smoked meats. Subtle fruits emerged beginning with a kumquat taste mid palate and a black berry finish that was delicious with the tangy barbecue sauce. Shhhh! I Zinned and saved a generous taste to pair with my rich chocolate bownie from our favorite bakery, Bakesale Betty. It is probably no surprise that this Zinn was also a perfect partner with a chewy chocolate brownie. Add a little ice cream and some of BrixChick Liza's delightful Malbec syrup? Exquisite!

My thanks to Michael David Family Winery for a wonderful wine fit for a special date night or to celebrate the fun in life. The Gluttony Zinfandel is truly a special agent... "You Only Live Twice" (1967).

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Sonadora said...

Excellent! Happy you found one that went well with BBQ sauce! I had a little trouble matching mine. Thanks for participating!