03 September, 2010

Friday Night: Cesar's Sangria

 Holy Labor Day, Batman! With all the craZiness lately it's been hard  to find time to raise a glass. but knowing Xandria and I, we manage. Tonight a cozy spot I need to be reminded of, Cesar's. Arguably the  East Bay's best Sangria and Happy Hour till 6:30. While I was  finishing up the day job, Xandria was snagging a table and ordering. And more importantly unlocking the sangria's secret: Moscato d'Asti
for florally effervescence, Ruby Port for a tasty kick. All this with a snappy balance of tart and sweet. Fast service that will cheerfully get you to your movie on time or let you linger. Try it  if you're around!
4039 Piedmont Avenue

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