05 August, 2011

#wbc11 Still before...

Yay!  After a fun an informative tasting at Tarara, the next stop was Breaux Vineyards.  There we were greeted by a welcoming glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc.  In the sizzling heat, the wine was tasty and refreshing.  Virginia wine definitley ignited my sense of adventure! Evidence: when the folks at Breaux proposed a hayride (in the shimmering heat and swimmable humidity), I leaped enthusiastically aboard! 

 On the way, Chris Blosser gave us an update on BreauxVineyards to put the lovely vistas in context.  Started by his father in law,  Paul Breaux in 1994, it remains very much a family business.  Chris told us  a great story of his father in law's fascination with Nebbiolo when he tasted it on vacation in Italy.  Without an interpreter, he managed to get a lesson and created a plan, which manifested in the tasty Nebbiolo currently being produced.

Glorious vistas aside, I nearly melted and was delighted to escape the heat in the 12c wine cave. 

Tasting through, I tried;
'10 Viognier, Breaux Vineyards, Virginia: Clear, pale citrine color.  Aromas of stone fruit and apricot. Delicious acidity that made it very pairable. 
'07 Nebbiolo, Breaux Vineyards, Virginia (barrel sample): Lovely dark color, with fragrance of cherries and spice.  Definitely a wine that wanted to be served with food.  Its tannins were assertive to the border of politeness, which the winemaker, David Pagan Castano,  said they intended to tame with aging.
'07 Meritage, Breaux Vineyards, Virginia:  A Cab Sauv centric blend with lots of black fruit and peppery aromas with a hint of chocolate  The flavors were yummy  with more black fruit and cocoa.  15% alcohol but well integrated so that the alcohol wasn't front and center.
and my favorite:
Girls just want to have Cab Franc or fun!
'07 Cabernet Franc Reserve, Breaux Vineyards, Virginia: My big surprise was how much I loved Virgina Cab Franc and this one is delicious.  With  a rich, round mouthfeel and lovely black fruit and spice, the two bottles I managed to bring home are already gone, pairing well with pork chops and mango-ginger chutney and delighting Xandria, who initially did not want to try it.  Yum!  Yes, at 16.3% alcohol, it packs a wallop, but it is so well integrated that you don't notice the booze, just the yummy flavors and aromas. 

Definitely delightful.  As was the hospitality of the team at Breaux.  The crawfish in the label celebrates the family's Cajun heritage and their tradition of hospitality.  I can vouch it is a super fun place to visit.  Beautiful land and delish wine!  Many thanks to Jennifer, Chris and team! And of course to Stacy and Wendy at Visit Loudoun, who made our preconference so comfy and fun!

Next up:
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