19 January, 2009

$4.99? Are you out of your mind? Review of Greenstone Point '07 Pinot Noir

'07 Greenstone Point, Pinot Noir, New Zealand. I tried this at one of the Wine Mine Saturday tastings. And after trying a sip, I scrounged till I found it. For only $4.99, it was a fun easy drinking pinot. Starting out, it had pretty aromas, plum and red fruit. The flavors were also very tasty with lots of cherry, berries and a slight tang. This wine had an interesting mouthfeel that seemed almost, right on the edge, but not quite spritzy when I first opened it. With the convenience of a screw top, I was able to recap, leave on the counter overnight, and when I revisited the wine the next day, it had smoothed out with lots more bright cherry flavors and a smoother mouthfeel. Plus, hello? QPR off the chart! For a nice, easy drinking pinot noir, this was a fabulous value. It's hard to find a glass of tasty pinot noir for that price. $4.99 is less than the tax on other pinots I have. Grab this and enjoy it right away if you find it!


rjh (http://rjswineblog.blogspot.com) said...

any thoughts on where to get this wine?


Liza S. said...

If you are in the SF Bay Area, i got this at the Wine Mine in Oakland (www.winemineco.com) I alos like this site, www.vinquire.com, which shows a few places to source this. Good luck and thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

$4.99 what a steal!

Hey RJH - try this search, on my other site, Vinquire:


If you login, you can narrow your search by zip code.

Happy Hunting!

WineEnabler said...

Thanks for telling us about a wine that you can drink for under $5. I will look for it here in Austin, but most of the wines from NZ do not seem to make it across the Rockies.


Liza said...

I would be curious to see if you can find it. www.vinquire.com can help. Also, Xandria posted and intersting article on Trade Joe's with several selections around that price. I think there are TJ's in Texas? Yes? Or else, the perennial Cost Plus Imports. Alsways an interesting source. Thanks for reading!