15 February, 2012

Mumm Napa Cuvee M - A great everyday sparkler #WBW74

 For this episode of Wine Blogging Wednesday, I wanted to share something  I became addicted to earlier this year, Cuvee M from Mumm Napa.  It's a lovely and accessible wine in a sweeter style that makes it  food friendly.  Especially to match Asian foods that can be spicy and rich, this is a super choice, evidenced by its spot as perennial favorite among the wines offered by another of my addictions, P.F. Chang's. And wine.com has it on sale for $19.99

The wine itself has a lovely color--pale gold warmed by peach.  With a touch of creaminess in the mouth feel, it's the kind of offering that will work for sophisticated guests as well as novices whether you are  celebrating something special or just Thursday night. I got flavors of strawberry, stone fruit and a hint of toast.  I was given the wine as a sample but have bought across the Mumm's pyramid since I visited.
Pyramid tasting is trying the wines across a winery's offerings starting with value and moving up to the flagship wines.  In the case of Mumm Napa, the nicest thing was that I found something I loved in all the bands of their pyramid. While I thrilled at the DVX,  all the price bands contained delicious, special sparklers.  One reason is the laser focus on quality exhibited by the team at Mumms.  We tried the base wines of both bracingly acidic Chardonnay and rough edged Pinot Noir.  It is amazing to me that the winemakers can taste and gauge and mix to produce such yummy sparkling wines from these beginnings (although I will admit I polished off my Pinot!).  It reinforced the magic of winemaking to me.

Our tour leader introduced me to concept called "fractioning" where the team makes base wines from all the vineyards and both varieties to come up with still wine that gets blended into the Mumm's offerings across the pyramid.  The Cuvee M pulls from over 50 vineyards and both  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, to come up with the flavors and textures.  The best thing to do is try it!  Fair warning, you will want to try all the offerings - I was also entranced with the Reserve Brut Rose and the Carlos Santana sparkler too.

If you are in Napa, make time for a tour, which Mumm Napa offers daily 10 am - 4:45 More info here:

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