25 April, 2012

#WBW76 Barossa Boomerang - Cupcake Vineyards 2010 Shiraz

Wow!  Till I read the topic of WBW#76, I hadn't even realized how long it has been since I had an Australian Shiraz.  And that had been my go to pick 2008 - ?  I personally blame it on my obsession with Pinot Noir and Shiny Object Syndrome (Orange wine! Rose!  etc...) So I will be curious to read the wrap up to see how others explain their boomerang whiplash.  For my post, I wanted to focus on a way beyond sub $30, great QPR offering from Cupcake Vineyards.  Recently I was lucky enough to be a guest of Lisa Klinck Shea of Folsom Associates, when the winemaker Adam Richardson was in San Francisco.  So I  got to hear the Cupcake story up close and personal.  Cupcake Vineyards wines are attractively priced and part of the brand philosophy is to provide an everyday treat for its customers.  We tasted through the line with some things that I liked more than others, but all had a freshness and food friendly quality that has made me look for them on my CostPlus World Market wine safaris.  For me the two standouts of the line up were the Shiraz and the Riesling.  And the Shiraz comes from the Barossa Valley, where Adam journeys to make the wine.
Adam, who is a native of Australia, regaled us  stories of his travels in Australia and tried to give us Australian lessons.  Along with that, he answered our questions on how all the wines were made.  Specifically for the Shiraz, when processing the grapes, they take care to gently crush them so they get lots of skin contact without  harshness or bitterness from the seeds.  They apply a specific regimen of malolactic and oak aging. This results in a smooth, gentle wine with flavors of black fruit, tinges of chocolate and a hint of spice.  It had a lovely aromas of mixed berries and dark fruit. It went very well with the pork dish I ordered and ended up being my favorite of all the reds. At suggested retail $13.99, a great deal
And of course, it ends up being a little harder to find than some of the other Cupcake Vineyards Wines.  Luckily, I can drive to  the Underdog Wine Bar ,  access their complete line and see what the folks there pair with it. You can also order it online here:
Cupcake Vineyards reminds us to " Live deliciously "Adam travels the world managing the wine making process so that it's easy and affordable for the rest of us.  Cheers!

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SommeChick said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for this one!! I love Cupcake's Prosecco & Chardonnay, would definitely be interested in trying their reds...