11 December, 2012

Yummiest "mistake" this season

Concannon Pinot Grigio. Too tall to fit in my eval of the SkyBar OneWine system, so we are drinking it. Pale citrine in color. Honeyed aromas of stone fruit with splashes if fresh, cool river rocks. Lively pleasant flavors. We snarfed it down with Brie in apple slices and it was tasty. Look for it in Safeway and other places you rush by in your holiday shopping to carve out a little you time in your Yule Tide!

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Csaba Szakal said...

My friend ,Julian Halasz, winemaker at Concannon makes this great example of Pinot Grigio or as we call it in Hungary "Szurkebarat". You should try the Darcie Kent Gruner Velteliner. Even better example of his talent.