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22 February, 2013

For Your Consideration - Serve Rioja at your Oscar party and everyone wins

Consideration is not what I got from my jet setting friend who promised to make paella and instead made reservations to fly to Costa Rica.  No matter!  Plan B is roasted pork with citrus slaw to make the most of my Cara Cara Cava Sangria. 

For a little more heft to our wine pairing fun, I will be adding some Rioja. 
My favorite Rioja wines are dark, spicy and luscious.  I think of them as the Javier Bardem of wine, who sadly is not nominated this year, but both @brixchik_Xan and I hope he makes an appearance.  It will be fun either way.  Tempranillo always is.

To make it even more fun, we have a game where everyone attending contributes a bottle of wine.  We fill out our ballots and at the end of the evening, the one with the most correct votes gets the entire Wine Kitty.  Having a stake in the outcome is like Spanx for the sagging mipdpoint of the festivities.  You know, the Geezers and Technical awards.  As well, we will have papparrazi and a red carpet.  We like to go all out for the Academy at Chez BrixChick---it's our SuperBowl Sunday

Rioja Wine is doing their part to make our event even more fun.  They have a super cute graphic and ballots.  And are sweetening the deal/  Click here to enter their Facebook contest Tweet #riojabuzz and you might win a great Rioja dinner.

I am grabbing my Vibrant Rioja shopping bag and filling it with some delicious Rioja wine tomorrow when I hit the Whole Foods.  I know they will have some yummy Riojas and everything else I need  After that, Mr. Demille, I will be ready for my close up!

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