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14 February, 2013

You Can Join the Gifted Program - Napa Valley WIne Academy

If you are looking to assuage your Valentine's Day woes, maybe learning to manage your expectations is a good lesson.  Good but not delicious.  Instead, salve your inner child/student with some fun, informative classes on wine in a beautiful setting. 

The Napa Valley Wine Academy was started in 2011 by industry professionals to design a space, literally and figuratively, for people of all stages to enhance their knowledge around wine topics.  From getting certified on the WSET program to learning about stemware, this is a super cool place to get smart about wine. 

And if you are thinking, " Awesome!  But Napa is so far..." check out the options for other Northern California locations  including; San Francisco, Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Jose.

Their Academy Tasting series will let you unleash your Armchair Traveller by letting you explore specific varietals with expert help.  Expert, but not snooty. Where would the fun be in that?

 In depth events like the one coming up on April 18th, will guide you though interesting and important topics to wine, like How the Right Glass can change your perspective.  And the four Riedel glasses you get to take home will let you flaunt share your new found knowledge. 

I know I am planning to make a visit as soon as time allows!  See you there!
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