14 August, 2013

#wbw80 Dry Rose Luminous Hills Aura Yamhill-Carlton OR

Is there anything that recalls summer better, whether it's presently blazing or freezing, than a lovely rose?

For this Wine Blogging Wednesday I got my hands on a gorgeous example from the Carlton region of Oregon, famous for its wonderful Pinot Noirs.
Rose peeks out cheekily
2011 Luminous Hills Estate Grown Rosé of Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton AURA ($21) Byron Dooley coaxes magic out of his luminous hills and bottles the elixir.  Having visited I saw for myself the rolling hills with their summer greenery concealing old marine sediment typical of Yamhill-Carlton as well as, in this site, Jory volcanic soil.  High elevation in this lovely vineyard is just what Pinot Noir loves.  Byron brings together these elements with careful clonal selection to create an elegant, lively and complex rose that dances in the glass.  He recommends aging it.  I just don't have that kind of self restraint.

The color is a medium salmon pink. Aromas of medium intensity with strawberry and white floral notes.  Flavors of grapefuit and more white flowers with a hint of herbal.  Bone dry with medium acidity and a generous finish of grapefruit.  It shifted and changed in the glass standing up to the Thai spiced pork and even chocolate.  There was not even one drop left in the glasses or bottle when we were finished.

The wine was carefully and intentionally made with 70% coming from direct press and 30% saignee more info here:  Sorry to disappoint you  (I am disappointed in myself for not stocking up) as the wine is sold out. Note to self: Get on list to preorder more.

There is no more charming place to visit than Carlton.  Amazing wines. Great food and hospitality and lots to discover.  Byron hails from California having earned his degree and his winemaker stripes in Napa.  With his wife Dana, he rode the dot com bubble to Oregon where Dana established an amazing line of wine friendly chocolates.  Luminous Hills is named for the way the thick sprinkle of stars light up the night sky over the high hills of their vineyard.  They also have a delicious line of Pinots and some wonderful Rhone varieties,  Seven of Hearts. And will welcome you warmly at the Carlton tasting room;
217 West Main St. Carlton, OR 97111
Thursday - Monday
Noon - 5pm
(6pm by request)
 @HoustonWino and I almost wore through Byron;s patience when we snuck out of our event to taste and buy more wine and we are welcome back!

Curious to read about what else people tried, but this special rose of Pinot was delicious!

 Happy Wine Blogging Wednesday!

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