09 May, 2015

Bodegas Estefania: The Wine or #olewinos Find Magic In Mencia

Can you tell we loved the wine at Bodegas Estefania?  The Tilenus brand surprised and delighted me with a new-to-me variety:Mencia. After seeing the terrain it prefers and understanding its inherent challenges, I appreciated more the efforts of the winery along with management advice from the MGW Group

Press with feet explains Pablo Frias
Bodegas Estefania's brand is Tilenus which produces five red wines from Mencia grapes.  They are able to grow 80% of their fruit, but source  20% from traditional growers who  maintain their terrenos  or small farms.  Bodegas Estefania started with zero land and are acquiring small parcels as they become available.

They strive to vinify gently.  Native yeasts have been effective.  They even accomplish manual piegage.  Their barrel program includes thoughtful use of used French Oak.  It must be gentle,  so it doesn't overpower the Mencia.  The desire is to enhance not to strip the tannins or acids.  Using Bordelais sized barrels completes the spice rack.  Raul Perez is winemaker who manages the selections to get what he wants

.Careful treatment of the wine includes "nap time".  After bottles are filled, they go to a sleeping room to age after a time, which lets the corks expand.  This room is light, sound and temperature

When they are ready, they are released to surprise and delight the rest of you.

Tilenus Godello.  Yes, one white wine is made from a regional variety: Godello.  Aromas of stone fruit with mineral notes in nose. An interesting  floral note like violet gum. Nuttiness in flavors with medium acidity

Tilenus Vendimia
100% Mencia, this wine shows a vinous nose with a touch of violets, blue and red fruit,  bay leaf, and cinnamon aromas.  The texture was pleasant with graceful tannins.  Vinous led flavors with a finish of violets and bay leaf

Tilenus Roble 2011
The hotter year of 2011 produced  a wine with aromas of black raspberries, touch of violets,  cinnamon and thyme.  Well integrated flavors of  black and red fruits. More elegant tannins with a mouthfeel like vintage linen napkins

Tilenus Roble 2010 Expressed a darker garnet color.  Raspberry and carnation aromas.  Well integrated flavors

Tilenus Roble 2008
Yummy aromas of blackberry pie and molasses taffy.  Extra time smooths out tannins, which developed a silky texture.  Baking spice in flavors and finish.  Lovely acidity lent freshness to finish that persisted with a vinous edge touched by cinnamon

Tilenus La Florida 2008

Red fruit and touch of aged meat in aromas.  Lovely rich flaovors of dark fruit.  Persistent tannins.  Long finish kissed with baking spice and gingerbread .

Tilenus Pago de Posada 2006
Aromas of blackberry, cigar box, and plum.  Flavors of same with coffee and Santa Rosa plums Smooth but grippy tannins.  Nice acidity  in finish. Small berries influence concentration

Tilenus Pieros, 2007
This flagship wine from the oldest parcel leaped out of the glass. An inky, rich color it had aromas of  dried figs,  honey, and a touch of menthol .  The tannins were smooth and well integrated but clings to your teeth.  Flavors to match .Long finish of more dark fruit, menthol, coffee and vinosity.  Smooth with moderate plus acidity

Tilenus, 2002 Pieros
Known as the "Phantom" vintage because nature refused to cooperate in 2002. The weather was bad and so the harvest was miniscule.  Wouldn't you know from these difficult conditions, a wine of finesse and ageability ensued?  As honored guests, the #OleWinos were treated to a bottle of this.  Fresh,  Expressive.  We left with no doubt that Mencia can age

A fitting end to our overview of the MGW Group and the delicious wines they are producing in Alicante, Bullas and Bierzo.

Eduardo Ruiz/photocredit DallasWineChick
I can't thank the team enough for introducing me to such wonderful wines and the dedicated people who produce them.  MGW Group Director, Sergio Sachnovsky-Raevskey joined us and regaled us with his wit and expertise.  And Eduardo Ruiz , took time away from the Four P's of Marketing and dedicated several days to the Five #OleWinos.  Many thanks for answering all our questions, enduring our twittering like chipmunks everytime we got in WiFi range, and for driving us all around. I am so glad they enjoy their work; their hospitality only added to the deliciousness of the experience.

If you can find these delightful wines, buy them!

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