04 November, 2016

Congratulations, Chicago! Go, Cubs! And Go Drumbar! #CocktailsandChill

Photo Credit Murway-Drumbar
If you're in Chicago and you are celebrating (who isn't?), Drumbar has just announced the launch of their fall cocktail menu, #CocktailsandChill. With cool, clubby furniture and a plethora of delicious cocktails, they channel the best of speakeasy spirit.   Tempt yourself by reviewing their full menu here Caution: the whimsical mixology  will make you want to run to the rooftop bar atop Chicago's luxe  Raffaello Hotel.  Happy hour is 8pm - 10pm.

With "Game of Thrones", on extended hiatus, my new heroine is Whitney Morrow,  Drumbar's beverage manager, who, with the Drumbar team, developed a range of cocktails based on various Netflix shows. 

Genius.   Inspired by Chicago’s upcoming winter hibernation and unavoidable Netflix binging, they ranked each cocktail on a five star scale from chill to boozy, with five stars being the most alcohol-infused. Additionally, each beverage reflects its corresponding show either in personality or in appearance.

My favorite binge-worthy show, Orange is the New Black,  represents with a  bright orange cocktail made with Rhine Hall Mango Brandy,  lemon,  salted sweet potato syrup and Grand Marnier. 

Thai Bitters give this drink a hot and tangy flavor, which contrasts with its fall-spice top notes.

Drumbar was kind enough to share the recipe below:

Orange Is The New Black Recipe

.75 oz Rhine Hall Mango Brandy
.5 oz grand mariner
1 oz salted sweet potato syrup
.75 oz lemon juice 
Dash angostura bitters
Dash Thai spice bitters

Combine all ingredients in a mixing tin (aka cocktail shaker), shake and then strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. 

Rhine Hall is a distillery located right in Downtown Chicago.  Small batches  of fruit brandies made with quality ingredients are the hallmark of the brand.  

It sounded so delicious I gave recreating it a shot and was delighted.  I paired it with a show called "The Code" and some Pumpkin Spice Mochi.  Hibernation comes naturally to me---especially after a couple of these boozy treats.  The sweet potato gave it a roundness, the spice and heat piqued my taste buds and my housemade mango-whiskey elixir was Taystee.

As the season for celebrating gets underway for everyone, not just Cubs fans,  sharing a cocktail and an episode or two (or four) with friends who finally have time, is a great way to make an event out of a rainy Wednesday.  Many thanks to Drumbar for the inspiration, recipes and invitation to experience these cocktails by your crackling fire.  I might just take you up on it!

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