25 July, 2008

Introduction and a wine taste-off

Hi, my name is Xandria and I am another "brixhouse", oops I mean "brix chick." I am not much of a writer but I am a "wineaux" and love to talk about the juice. Currently I am a wine-helmser at Trader Joe's. But i want you all to know we have more to offer than "Charles Shaw." In fact, my fellow brixhick Liza and I had a little wine taste-off this evening of two delicious Malbecs from Mendoza Argentina that can now be found at TJs. And the results are in:

I opened the more expensive Malbec first. My hopes were high yet were not met (until 1/2 hour later.) I was hoping for an elegant gaucho traipsing amongst the Pampas but I got something a little different. The Layer Cake Malbec vintage 2007 ($14.99 @ TJs) had a highly sulfuric nose at first (yuck.) Yet the darkly, elegant garnet color made me hope for more. Not even a run through the Vinturi made the aroma any better. So I let it go and breathe a little more while we enjoyed the other Malbec. Don Miguel Gascon Malbec vintage 2007 ($9.99) made a much better first impression. Hmmmmm, do I detect allspice on the nose? Why yes I do. Liza just happened to have a jar of allspice in her cupboard so we got to do that whole compare and contrast thing. Perfect match! Beautiful, jammy blackberry on the palate. Balanced acidity, velvety mouthfeel...Pretty darn good.

A half-hour has passed. Back to the "Layer Cake" It was tasting much better but the aromas just did not develop. Much more tannic the the Gascon. Liza stated "it's just asking for meat." Long, finish with cedar notes, burning brakes way in the back of the palate. Sour cherry on the front of the palate. It's got that gaucho grip I was looking for (Ooooooo, baby, take me to the Pampas!)

IN Summary: Drink the Layer Cake with grilled meat (and let it breathe first.) Drink the Gascon for it's fruity character and velvety mouthfeel:) And please, let us know if you like the wine. Please post your opinion. Thx!


Sonadora said...

Welcome to the wine blog world! Great start you have over here.

Anonymous said...

Xandria----So funny! Yesterday at the book club, I brought a lovely Kin Crawford unoaked CHardonnay. Someone else brought the Gascon. Mixing them up in my so-called memeory, I told them the Gascon was sulphury. Ran it throught the Vinturi and voila a) they think I'm a wine snob and b)that the Vibnturi is a miracle product! Ha!