16 November, 2008

Twitter Taste Live #5: Bloggers take over with blogger's choice...and we chose Hahn!

Twitter Taste Live http://twittertastelive.com/ is a series of super fun events to meet, greet and explore virtually or in person and get a wide perspective on what people drink/think. I was lucky enough to get invited to Lorzandra's (aka BrixChick_Xandria) group. Joining up with WineBratSF, Dr. Xeno and ScorpioLaw to form our own personal wine mob, we were in receipt of a cache of Hahn wines to #ttl. Holidays on the mind, it felt a little like Thanksgiving as we waited patiently, mouths watering, for our turn to tweet. You know that feeling when you're waiting for grace to finally be over so you can chow? Anticipation adds to savor. But since we were like sixth in the queue it got very Christmas Eve from the perspective of a six year old. When the present opening time seems to get farther away not closer as you open the windows of your advent calendar. Thank God for Matty! http://agoodtimewithwine.com/ With his video stream in the background providing much needed distraction, it started to feel like New Year's Eve! Except Matty is much more entertaining than Ryan Seacrest!
3 - 2 - 1....At last! Our turn. We starting swirling, sniffing, and (yay!) sipping. All the while typing and tweeting. As I whipped through our selections, twittering like a drunken magpie, I had the benefit of my mob mates's insights as well as tapping into the community as a whole. So this little pullet loved the opportunity to evaluate with more seasoned sippers like Thea (http://www.lusciouslushes/) , Dr. Xeno (http://www.winelog.net/blog/author/drxeno) and WineHiker (http://www.californiawinehikes.com/) . Good times.

Also, good wine! The Hahn website sets out its mission as a purveyor of "supple, accessible, and attractively priced wines from the family's Monterey County vineyards" http://www.hahnestates.com/hahn-history.html

And they did! Though sometimes the mob mentality brought out my snark-o-lepsy almost as sharply as the Truffle Tremor cheese brought out the forest floor flavors of the Hahn Pinot Noir. After the Tweetfest was over, when I, far from soberly but more reflectively, tasted the wines, favorites emerged. I immediately loved the Hahn SLH Syrah,; it was a dark lovely color and had a spicy and complex nose and flavors that were lush with fruits without being obnoxious about it. Tasting it with food brought out its expressive side. Also, hours later, the Central Coast Cabernet which initially lacked appeal, surged forward in the QPR range. My first instinct was that with its price and its flavors, it would make great sangria. After breathing adequately, the flavors and aromas opened up, and it proved a tasty sipping wine on its own, too. We also got some bonus entries, including a lovely Cabernet Franc and a preview of the upcoming FOUR. More later on this revolutionary new offering that brings great accessibility through packaging and belongs on every single sipper's counter!
Drink Hahn SLH Syrah whenever you get the chance.
Pick up a bottle of Central Coast to serve, but decant, decant, decant to get full value of this bargain.
Look for the FOUR! Coming soon....
Many thanks to WineDiverGirl for the special delivery! Go TROJANS!!!!!!!!!

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