16 November, 2008

Wine Bloggers Conference

I was there! Jet lagged, post vacation whiplashed, late and dragging, I got myself to Sonoma just in time to have missed the Live Blogging! :( But in time to get with the groove, get eliminated from the blind swilling contest, which was a boon as I hit the Wine Growers of Dry Creek Valley Association soiree early and got to chat and sip with the super knowledgeable, friendly and cheese-giving folks who drive awareness for a super product! Yum! Some of my favorites, Quivira, Bella, etc, were being poured. http://www.wdcv.com/ You just can't miss with this area! Dinner was tasty and convivial!
The next morning, I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed after conserving my energy for the vineyard walk. I bet the odds by choosing Saralee Vineyard because of my deep love of all things Russian River Valley Pinot. In my life I have been on zillions of excursions and this ranks among one of the best organized and fun. TetraPak water http://www.tetrapakusa.com/, which we needed for the steep vertical ascent described as an "easy walk"; I should have known better by the name "Roller Coaster" [Yes, Russ---FRAUGHT with peril on account of my questionable, if fashionable footwear choice]. Transportation, lunch, personal attention from the winemakers and the vineyard owners were super. The locavore in me was delighted to eat tasty delights grown on the property while drinking delicious wines from vines I could see from my seat on the picnic bench! Lucky you! I can avidly recommend this like a book I loved and know I will read again. Zephyr Adventures:http://www.zephyradventures.com/types-wine.htm They do this all the time. All over the world!
Dinner at Sebastiani with Alice Feiring as speaker...interesting...Did you know the Tasmanian Devil may end up on the endangered species list? But I digress.
Bus ride was so fun with El Jefe pouring skulls! Skulls! Damn my jet lag, I missed the late into the night cellar sharing, which I hear was epic!
Classes= informative. Camaraderie=value packed. Cutting class to join BYOB UnSession=priceless.
I met too many awesome bloggers from all over the country. Many, many thanks to Joel Vincent whose tireless quest for perfection paid off in a beautifully organized conference!

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